Thursday, February 3, 2011

Why We Love Vancouver - A Study

Our Vancouver, we love you [the t-shirt project] started out of a love for this city and a desire for more people to show off the pride they have for it. Mention to anyone anywhere else in the world that you live in Vancouver and you're looked at with admiration. There might even be a slight tinge of jealousy in their tone as they gush about how amazing Vancouver is, even if they've never been. Is it just because it's so crazy beautiful here? Is it the people that make it unique? What is it that makes Vancouver such a great place to actually live? Recently we came across an interesting report that studied why people love where they live and why it matters. It helped us understand what people love Vancouver so much.

According to the report, the main reason an individual loves the city he or she lives in is based on Community Attachment, "an emotional connection to a place that transcends satisfaction, loyalty, and even passion." The top three factors that determine this community attachment are:

• Social offerings — Places for people to meet each other and the feeling that people in the community care about each other

Openness — How welcoming the community is to different types of people, including families with young children, minorities, and talented college graduates

• Aesthetics — The physical beauty of the community including the availability of parks and green spaces

If this is the criteria for why people love where they live, then it's pretty obvious why Vancouver's a winner. Our city has done a pretty good job of creating an amazing assortment of places to meet, and thanks to our city's multicultural fusion there truly is something for everyone. Vancouver also has the reputation of being open and welcoming to everyone, which is attractive. These findings also show that people love our city not just for the ocean and the mountains. Although we're sure that helps a great deal. What do you think the best things about Vancouver are? Leave a comment and let us know. Want to show your pride for Vancouver? Grab a shirt. Enjoy it, enjoy the city.

Photo credit Josh Yong


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