Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Andrew Allen - I Want You Video! Featuring Vancouver!

Local musician Andrew Allen has been a big supporter of the Vancouver, we love you project from the start… he was one of the great looking models from our very first photo shoot, and we even used his song "Love Life" in our intro video. We're glad to have him in our Vancouver, we love you family. Andrew just released the video for his new hit single "I Want You" and as you can see, it was all filmed in Vancouver! An obvious choice, who wouldn't want to be running down the streets and alley's of our fine city? Here's why Andrew chose Vancouver to film in:

"When the opportunity to film my latest music video in the beautiful city of Vancouver came up... I jumped at the chance... for me, Vancouver has always been a romantic city, with it's pristine skyline flowing flawlessly right into the water, and it's incredible laid back vibe... the song itself is about NOT letting 'the one' get away... and it seemed like Vancouver would be the perfect backdrop to feature the age old story of boy meets girl:)" 

Check out Andrew Allen's video and download the single right here!


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