Monday, February 20, 2012

Canucks Lucky Loonie in Nashville Predator's Home Arena!

It all begins with a legend. The legend of the Lucky Loonie. In the 2002 Olympics a Canadian ice maker placed a loonie under the centre ice logo as a marker for referees to aim at when dropping the puck. Canada won the gold medal in both men's and women's hockey. Over the years loonies have been hidden in sporting arenas at various international winter sporting events for good luck.

We decided to continue the tradition.

This past week Vancouver, we love you creator Sarah Shandl and local musician Nat Jay were in Nashville, Tennessee. They devised a plan to leave a Lucky Loonie in Bridgestone Arena, home to our rivals the Nashville Predators….. just in case we meet them again in the Stanley Cup playoffs. 


(Besides the loonie in the video there is another really 'hidden' loonie in the building. Obviously we wouldn't tell everyone exactly where we hid that one.)


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