Thursday, December 27, 2012

Five Tips for Making Better 2013 New Years Resolutions!

Well, it looks like we’ve survived the Christmas celebrating, Turkey comas, and Boxing Day mall madness. Oh, and don’t forget that little Mayan Apocalypse that turned out to be a big let down.


Now comes the lull between all the Christmas rush and the final party of 2012. For many this gap of time is used for reflection and goal setting for the New Year. Here are five tips to create better New Years Resolutions that will guarantee that 2013 is your best year yet!

1. Say NO to Resolutions - So many resolutions end up being forgotten about because they are vague and we are forgetful. Go to the gym more. Drink less. Get a better job. If you want to make things happen in 2013 here’s the best advice you can get: don’t make resolutions, make goals instead.

2. Set SMART Goals - If you’re not familiar with SMART goals, it’s a simple way to create goals that you can, and will, reach. By remembering to keep goals Specific, Meaningful, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely, you’ll create a goal, or goals, for 2013 that you’ll be proud to accomplish instead of forget about after January. For example, if you want to get in better shape, set the goal of completing a half marathon to train for instead of just ‘going to the gym more.’

3. Find Accountability - The best way to ensure you won’t give up on a goal is to be accountable to someone to reach it. Tell your friends your goal and ask them to keep you on track. Write it on your fridge so you see it every day. Use an app or website that keeps track of goals. If it’s something you can do with others like run a marathon, find someone to train with. Whatever your goal is, tell people.

4. Create a Plan - Once the SMART goal has been set you need to create steps to reach it. Think about what it will take to make it happen. Money? Time? Networking? What will you need to adjust about your current lifestyle to reach your goal? If your goal is to travel to a specific place in the world, do research, adjust your budget to save for it, and talk to your boss about getting time off. Goals are nothing except a thought until you take steps towards achieving them.

5. Make it Bigger Than You - New Years Resolutions/Goals are great for creating self-improvement, but what if it could be bigger than just about you? This year take the challenge of making 2013 a year of giving. It’s been proven that the act of giving makes people healthier and happier. Find a cause you believe in and give your time to volunteer. Research topics of interest that you can lend your voice to. Take the One Year, One Percent Challenge and donate just 1% of your 2013 income to charities you believe in (sign up Jan.7th!). Leave a positive impact in the world. Make 2013 really count.


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