Friday, January 11, 2013

Vancouverites Want To Change Charity

Giving back is a big part of Vancouver, we love you. Since the beginning we've been giving 10% of our sales to Covenant House Vancouver because we believe in giving back. Early on in our project we also put together a group and did a tour of the Downtown Eastside, to learn about the grittier parts of our beautiful city. We like hearing people's stories and learning about ways to help others.

That's why we're excited to introduce you to a cool Vancouver based campaign that just launched - One Year One Percent. The idea is simple, to encourage Canadians to commit to give 1% of their 2013 income to charity, any charity. It's pretty simple and could do some serious good in our city and around the world. 

If you're interested in taking the 1% Challenge, visit their website to learn how it works and use their easy calculator tool to figure out just how little one percent of your income really is. No matter if you earn a lot or a little, 1% of anything is a tiny fraction of it that could make a big difference to someone else. They also have a Facebook page that's a "hub of GOOD" and a Twitter account.


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