Monday, December 16, 2013

Give On This Christmas With Chimp

Every moment is the opportunity to do good. It's in the simple things, like helping someone carry out groceries or holding the door for the person behind you. It's just a choice.

The winter holiday season seems to boost people's desire to do good - it's must be something about the "Christmas spirit" we all get into. It's also the time when commercialism runs wild and everyone is stressed to find the perfect gift for loved ones.

Here's an idea.

Write your co-workers, friends, and family a hand written card expressing what they mean to you and send them some Chimp Dollars to give to their favourite charity (while you get the tax receipt!). A gift from the heart, and the chance for them to pass the feel good fuzzies on. Let's be honest, we really don't need any more 'stuff,' and a lot of the time we end up disappointed with the gifts we get anyways. So let's use this time of obligatory gift giving to give better. Give smarter.

Vancouver, we love you's Sarah was recently involved in Chimp's "Give On" Campaign video because we believe that giving back is important. We're dedicated to that and give 10% of sales to Covenant House. It's easy to do good. Join us.


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