Monday, February 17, 2014

Top 5 Ted Talks To Watch On Your Coffee Break

In honor of the TED Conference coming to Vancouver in March, we've scoured through the thousands of TED Talk videos to find the top five talks you can watch on a coffee break. These short videos will inspire, educate, and encourage you to continually engage with the world around you and strive for personal growth.


One of our absolute favorite TED Talk's is Drew Dudley's "Leading With Lollipops." His simple story telling illuminates the power of influence, even when we don't even realize the impact we're having.

Matt Cutt's "Try Something New For 30 Days" is a quick inspiration to continue to seek personal growth through small steps.

Grant Blakeman illustrates the importance of remembering less is more in his talk "Minimalism For A More Full Life."

A Vancouver favourite, Mark Brand's talk "The Impact Of An Unconventional Solution" hits home to how we should address our local neighbours.

Although a little longer than the rest, Jeff Thorp's "The Weight Of Data" brings a human look and deeper meaning to the role of data in our day to day lives.


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