Thursday, June 12, 2014

Adventure Time At WildPlay Elements Park!

It's no secret that we love adventure, exploration, and playing around. So when WildPlay Elements Park invited us to try out their Monkido Aerial Adventure course, we 'jumped' at the chance. Some of our Great Adventure Club team visited the Maple Ridge location to learn more about WildPlay and all the fun to be had there.

Our team arrived and were welcomed by guest services who helped us fill out our waivers and get us harnessed up. Rocking our Vancouver, we love you shirts and with our game faces on, we were ready. Our quick training course taught us the basics of course safety (grip, then clip!), how to operate our zipline gear, and then we were let loose!

Once training was complete we were left to our own adventuring among the treetops. The Monkido Aerial Adventure course operates like a ski hill, with four levels of difficulty. At each check point, guests are allowed to call it quits, or keep climbing. Let's just say quitting was not an option for our group.

Course guides act more like lifeguards, and are based on the ground, giving direction and pointers to adventures climbing around at 20-60 feet up. At all times you're strapped into the safety line, and are free to roam are your own speed and comfort.

The course has many different challenges to tackle, including tight ropes, balance beams, swinging ropes to ride, ziplines, and rope webs to climb. A physical and mental challenge, especially at 60 feet up!

We travelled from platform to platform, maneuvering the various challenges along the way, and taking lots of pictures. Although none of us were necessarily afraid of heights, we all commented on how we were so focused on the balancing and physical technique of each challenge that we didn't think much of how high up we were. Until we had to leap off platforms.

Our team had an absolute blast at WildPlay Elements Park. It was physically challenging and a great team building event. Wildplay is perfect for adventurers of all ages as they have a kids course for smaller monkeys and the full Monkido Aerial Adventure course for bigger ones. We recommend you taking advantage of their discounted 2014 annual pass that's only $95 until the end of June

Fun WildPlay Facts:
- The WildPlay team have challenges between their various locations with course time tests. The fastest guide can make it through the entire Monkido Aerial Adventure course in under 8 minutes!! (we took over 1.5hrs……)

- None of the course structures harm the trees in any way. The platforms are held in place through a compression system, not drilling, and are even rotated and loosed throughout the season to accommodate the change in size of the tree trunks from winter to summer.

-WildPlay has a Volunteer Rewards program to celebrate people in the community that give their time to charitable work, rewarding them with complimentary passes.

Thanks so much to WildPlay Elements Park for a great day checking out your playground! Can't wait to visit again.


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