Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Australian Adventure Series: The Best Things To Do In Byron Bay!

Over the next few weeks we're doing an Australian Adventure Series, highlighting some of the best things to do down under. Our last post featured Queensland, and the trip now continues south, to the state of New South Wales.

New South Wales, located on the east coast of Australia, is the countries most populous state and much like Queensland, boast beautiful coastal ranges. One of the most popular beach side towns is Byron Bay, on the far north-east corner of NSW.


Take a surf lesson with Style Surf. Tofino's waves are great, but there's nothing better than surfing without needing a wetsuit as thick as armour. Style Surf's owner and main instructor Gaz is reason enough to take a surf lesson while in Australia.

Promising to have you standing on your first session, even if it takes a couple tries to get up, you'll be hanging ten before you know it. Gaz and his team are extremely fun, yet all professional, and are the must visit surf school to check out in Byron Bay.

Rent a car or van and beach crawl along the coast. A road trip in Australia is a must. Spend days lounging on some of the most incredible beaches in the world, enjoying the soft white sand and never ending rolling waves.

Rent a camper van or car and drive the coast. Drive, park, surf, lounge, sleep, and repeat for as long as you want. But don't forget the sunscreen!

Grab a flat white and listen to live music. There is a lively busking community in Byron Bay, with entertainment filling the streets at all hours of the day/night.

Many cafes and restaurants will have live music in the evenings and weekends, which usually consists of a musician playing music across the sidewalk from the restaurant's patio with their speakers facing the patio. Although some of the busking performances around town are hit and miss, the performers at restaurants are usually pretty fantastic and a great addition to evening drinks.

Visit (or stay) at the Arts Factory Village. If you're on a low budget backpackers trip, Arts Factory Village is one of the most unique hostels around. Even if you're not looking for cheap accommodations, a visit to Arts Factory Village is worth adding to any Byron Bay itinerary.
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An enchanted 5-acre subtropical haven, Arts Factory Village has 'groovy accommodation' including tee pees, cabins, and even 'jungle camping.' Lounge in a hammock with a book, jump in the pool, or play with the many lizards that call Arts Factory home. Various workshops are available seasonally including drumming, didgeridoo making, yoga, and juggling. Across the parking lot is The Byron Bay BreweryPighouse Flicks cinema (a small movie theatre with bean bag seating), and the Buddha Garden Day Spa.


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