Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tom Loves Vancouver!

We LOVE our supporters. It makes us so happy to have people excited about the Vancouver, we love you project, our shirts, and showing their love for our city off. Some people reallllly love Vancouver... Tom is one of those people. Since moving to Vancouver last summer and finding out about our project he's been all over town (and Seattle!) proudly wearing his Vancouver, we love you shirt(s) and taking pictures along the way. Want to know why Tom  loves Vancouver so much?

"So I'm not sure exactly what to say about Vancouver (apart from it being the best city in the world obviously!)…… but one thing I would say is there are very few places in the world you can hike, ski, go camping, cross a canyon and hit the beach… all in one day if you like! Lying on the beach while being able to admire the sun setting over the mountains has to be one of my fav things to do here though!"

Here's what we like to call "Tom Loves Vancouver: A Photo Collection."

Do you have a picture of yourself wearing one of our shirts? Email it to us to post here!


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