Monday, May 19, 2014

Microadventure: Bowen Island

A while ago we introduce the idea of Microadventures. They are a chance to pause life, take a breather, and see something new. It doesn't have to be an epic trek or huge endeavor, just a break from the regular. Here's a sample of an easy, cheap, microadventure on Bowen Island.

Our adventure began late morning, where we drove to Horseshoe Bay, purchased walk on ferry tickets to Bowen Island ($12), and set sail on the twenty minute ferry ride.

Once we landed in Snug Cove on Bowen Island, we checked out a few of the local cafes and stores around the landing, and set off on our first hike to Dorman Point. The 1.5km hike is easy going, and perfect for a brisk climb. At the top of Dorman Point there's a great rest area with plenty of space to lay out, enjoy some snacks, and the ocean view.

Adventure tip: we found an unmarked trail 3/4 of the way up that lead to an even better look out than Dorman Point, although slightly 'less safe' than the official trail. Well worth following the lesser used path.

We returned back to Snug Cove and grabbed lunch at Doc Morgan's, right by the water. It was a perfect patio day, and we enjoyed the fantastic sunshine and harbor views.

Adventure tip: hitchhiking is encouraged on the island, with official 'lift stops' along the road, complete with lift rules and guidelines. 

After lunch we grabbed some snacks for the trails from the local grocery store and set out for Killarney Lake, one of the most popular hiking routes on the island. A short walk up the road and we hit the trail leading into the lake loop.

Killarney Lake loop trail is a 4km loop, with a vast selection of terrain. Traversing through varying heights and views, there are all sorts of things to enjoy. We kept an moderate pace and stopped frequently for photos and to relax in the nature surrounding us. There is a picnic area by the lake's dam, as well as an equestrian ring just off the lake loop.

Returning to Snug Cove after the 4km walk, we explored the beach area a bit more and then hopped on an evening ferry back to Horseshoe Bay as the sun was setting behind us. Bowen Island is a great day adventure that can fit in any budget or activity level. For more information on Bowen Island activities, click here.


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