Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Whistler Off-Road Buggy Tour With Canadian Wilderness Adventures

Whistler, BC is a hub of activities for adventurers of all levels. If you're into downhill mountain biking their bike park and outdoors are already packed on the weekends, and the local trails and lakes are seeing more activity each weekend as the summer goes on. If you're visiting Whistler from out of town there are a number of great ways to experience the Whistler back country in unique ways, and Canadian Wilderness Adventures are the best guides to take you out and show it off!

We've showcased some amazing tours that Canadian Wilderness offers - ATVingsnowmobilinghorseback riding, and snowshoeing. These team knows how to play outdoors and create memorable experiences for their guests.

They recently invited us up to try out their new Off-Road Buggy Tour, and of course we said yes! Here's our Off-Road Buggy Odyssey Tour recap....

We were signed up for the afternoon Off-Road Buggy Odyssey Tour, so we met our guides at the Canadian Wilderness Adventures HQ and then headed out on the short drive into the Callaghan Valley where CWA hosts many of their ATV and buggy tours.

Once we arrived at their cabin in the back country of the Callaghan Valley we got fitted for helmets and goggles, and our guide went through a safety and operations demo with the buggies. Once we all knew the basics, we drove down the dirt road to a practise area where we could get comfortable going up and down hills, driving over boulders, and along banks. After a few laps we were off on the single track forest trails, climbing our way along the mountain side.

The tour is incredibly scenic, crossing over rivers and bridges, turning along edges overlooking the valley, and winding it's way through luscious forests to epic viewpoints. Because our group was keen to get dirty and have some fun, we spent some time driving through massive puddles and rivers which was a lot of fun... if you're ok getting drenched. On a hot summer day it's a must. Actually, any day it's a must, it's too fun not to.

The buggy tour is the perfect fit for an outdoor family adventure, or those that are a little nervous driving off-road vehicles. The 4x4 vehicles are two or four seaters, great for accommodating people that want to just be a passenger or for children too young to be able to drive. The vehicles are easy to manage and drive like a car, just a little bumpy compared to road driving. The tour is a perfect introduction to extreme outdoor adventure, and the Canadian Wilderness Adventure guides are great at making everyone feel safe and comfortable the whole time.

To check out the full collection of photos, click here to see the Off-Road Buggy Tour album on our Facebook page. Thanks to Taylor Roades Photography for capturing all the fun. If you're looking for the perfect summer bucket list adventure, we recommend calling Canadian Wilderness and spending some time with them. It will be the highlight of your summer!


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